Everything You Need to Know About Leather Jackets - High Star Collection

Everything You Need to Know About Leather Jackets - High Star Collection />

People say that the fall season is the best time to wear a leather jacket and effortlessly look chic and classy. But honestly, is there ever a wrong time to wear a great leather jacket/leather coat? Almost everyone loves to wear a leather jacket regardless of the season.

Buying a leather jacket is one of the significant investments you will make to your wardrobe, so it has to be the right and perfect one. That being said, take a look below to become a leather expert and choose the perfect leather jacket for yourself.

Difference between Cheap and Expensive Leather Jackets

Leather Quality

Cheaper jackets can be made of corrected leather. Animals with a lot of scarring, marking, or nicks as a result of their upbringing. These skins will be sanded down, and faux leather grains can be pressed into them and additional dyeing and treatments to make them more uniform.

Corrected leathers will have an excessively smooth, synthetic feel instead of the soft, oily, rough-textured nature of uncorrected hides.

Top Stitching

On leather jackets, topstitching decorative stitching on garments is a highly desirable detail. It is usually done around the edges of seams and pockets, and it adds visual interest to the jacket. Consider it as though you were bolding text.

Designers save money by using standard, thin thread and/or limiting the topstitching on a dress or removing it entirely.

Jacket Lining

Cheaper jackets (as well as blazers and suits) are likely to have lower-quality synthetic linings inside.

These linings are prone to shredding and tearing, are very dry, and do not breathe well. These low-cost synthetics are often the first to break down over time.

More expensive jackets will sometimes have two linings: one for the body and one for the sleeves. Body linings are often made of higher-quality synthetics and warmer cotton and are sometimes insulated and quilted.

Sleeves are usually lined in lovely silk or silk-like fabric, such as cupro (also known as Bamberg), an extremely breathable material made from cotton plant fibers that give the jacket a more luxurious feel.

Jackets Armholes and Sleeves

To maximize the chance of making a profit, cheaper jackets (much like cheaper suits) would have bigger, lower armholes to fit more body sizes.

Armholes on more expensive jackets would be set higher. The benefit of a higher armhole is that it allows for more arm movement, resulting in a better overall fit. When you turn your arms, an armhole that is too wide and low will actually pull on the body of the jacket.

Design Elements of the Jacket

Because the fewer design features a jacket has, the cheaper and easier it is to produce, a lower-end jacket will also be simpler in the overall design.

With fewer design details, there are fewer parts to cut, line up, and sew. This implies less attractive components, simpler pockets, and no inner pockets in some instances.

Zipper Quality

The YKK zipper is the most popular, and it is made of lighter metal. My personal favorite is RiRi zippers, which have a better overall build, are buttery smooth to zip up, and have much shinier finishes that are more visually appealing.

Instead of YKK zippers, high-quality jackets will also have RiRi zippers or custom heavier-weight zippers that don’t break easily. Using a RiRi zipper vs. a YKK zipper will cost up to ten times more per zipper.

Expert designers will often use 2-way essential zippers, which allow you to remove the jacket from the bottom, making it more comfortable to wear while sitting.

Difference between Top Grain Leather, Full Grain Leather, and Genuine Leather

When it comes to making quality leather, particularly for leather jackets, there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation.

Many people would tell you that top grain leather is low-quality leather that has been fixed and that you should look for full-grain leather jackets instead.

Well, they are partially correct about this.

Top Grain Leather

Leather that has been split from the bottom layers is known as top grain leather. Suede is made from the broken layer at the bottom (corium). When the top grain of the leather is separated from the corium coating, the leather becomes finer, resulting in more comfortable jackets.

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather is the type of leather that hasn’t been transformed and is still made of the animal’s skin.

Natural pores, which make the leather more breathable, and natural oils make the leather feel incredibly soft and make these leathers attractive.

The drawback (for some) is that these leathers may have typical blemishes, scratches, and scuffs from animals merely being animals. They’re also heavier, which makes some jackets less comfortable.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather usually refers to the fact that the leather came from an animal (thus being genuine), but it has little to do with the quality of the leather. Although not inherently fake leather, a product labeled “genuine leather” is usually of lower quality than full grain or top grain leather.

The Do's and Dont's of Leather Jackets

Both women’s and men’s leather jacket owners need to follow the dos and don’ts to have a long-lasting leather jacket.

Do: Buy a Jacket That Suits

It’s critical to find a jacket that is both comfortable and appropriate for your appearance. Trends come and go, so choose one of the classic shapes above, and you’ll be able to wear it with more things for longer.

Don’t: Go for a Local Dry Cleaner

Professional cleaning does not always produce good results, and it also alters the look and finish of the skin. Visiting a professional or doing the dirty work yourself is preferable.

Wipe away any marks with a damp cloth or sponge dampened with soapy water – no bleach – but test first in an area that will not be noticeable, such as inside hems or the underarm area. Then pat dry with a soft rag.

Do: Go Neutral

Do you want to get the most out of your leather jacket by wearing it with almost every dress, then choose a black leather jacket or a brown leather jacketYou can wear these two neutral colors over anything too bright or light and look great. Of course, we want to make the most out of our expensive wardrobe investments.

Don’t: Wear It in the Rain

As an outcome, the skin will turn stiff and dry. If you do, and your jacket hasn’t been waterproofed first, let it air dry away from your face before applying a conditioner or leather renewal lotion to prevent cracking.

Do: Store It Rightly

Use a rounded or padded hanger to hang your jacket. If you drape leather over a sharp outline, it will stretch and mold to that shape.

Don’t: Assume You Have to Buy New

If a modern style is out of your price range, consider antique. It pays to shop offline in this case because the smell, condition, and overall fit are best assessed in person.

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