At High Star Collection, we value the privacy of our customers. We understand people are sensitive about their details. Therefore, we take great care when storing and handling the information provided by our customers. The terms and conditions of this page govern our Privacy Policy. By using our website, you automatically give your consent to our privacy policy.


What information do we collect?

We collect your information whenever you buy a product from our store. This information pertains to your name, address, and email ID. We solely used this information for billing and shipping. We make use of cookies to get information about your IP address. These cookies tell us about your browser and your location.


How do we use your details?

As mentioned earlier, we collect information to serve you in a better and more efficient manner. We make use of your email ID with your permission to send your newsletters containing exciting offers and promotions. We also use your information for our internal marketing. Your browsing history and purchases are stored and remembered to help us serve you in a better manner.


We may give your information to our service providers to allow them to provide their services perfectly. Your personal information is safe with us and will not be misused by anyone.


At High Star Collection, we value your privacy highly. Therefore, we never divulge or share your details with any third party or vendor for profits. We may, however, be compelled to reveal your information to the authorities should they ask us to do so for compliance.


We have many links with associates and vendors on our website. We are not responsible for their actions should you decide to click and visit these pages.

The safe and secure shopping experience

We made it easy for you to shop from us; we accept PayPal and credit cards with an online secure transaction service.


The complete information of the customer, including the credit card details and personal information secured and transmitted in encrypted form. It will be purely confidential and not permitted to the third party.


Ordering from High Star Collection is secure. We use Secure Server Software (SSL) that changes all ordering information including name, address, and credit card number encrypted.


We have a highly safe and secure payment gateway where you can make payments using your credit and debit cards with no worries. Your purchase transaction data is stored with us for only as long as it is necessary and then it is automatically erased. We do not collect your credit card details. We have deployed the highest possible security features in our payment gateway to make sure anyone else does not steal or use your credit card details.


We try to inform all our customers about changes in this privacy policy soon after we put them into effect. It is however in your interest to keep visiting this page to keep abreast with our privacy policy.